Diaper Cakes

I use Size 2 diapers.  The reason for this is babies usually fit size 1 diapers for months but there are some babies that go to Size 2 within a few weeks.  By using Size 2 diapers, you can be assured the diapers will fit the new baby.

I use Pampers diapers.  

Yes, upon request because I do not stock preemie diapers.  An excellent cake design for preemie diapers is a diaper bundle.  This popular design is made with 27 diapers, a receiving blanket and a small toy.  

No.  I only use elastics and string to hold the products in place.  The decorative ribbons and paper decorations are held with glue to make them sturdier.  It is very important to me that the products I use in my cakes are in excellent condition and safe for use.  

YES!  Please contact us through our website, by email or phone and we will start working on a design!


Yes!  All orders are made here in Saskatoon by Little Hugs Creations, including hot pressed items such as tumbler mugs, puzzles and photo panels/slates. 

Heat Transfer/Sublimation

I can put sublimation images on many different products with a poly-coating.  Here are a few of my standard products: ceramics (mugs, piggy banks), masks, blankets, slate, aluminum photo panels, puzzles, bags.  Other popular products are clothing, keychains, mouse pads, phone cases, pop sockets, coasters and jewellery.  If you have a specific item in mind, please contact me!  

Sublimation is a process that involves printing a design onto a sheet of specialty paper (sublimation paper) and pressing it onto a polyester/ polyester coated product with a heat press.
Sublimation printed products are long-lasting and feature distinct colors and high-resolution quality. The best designed graphic apparel, home décor, and advertising displays use the dye sublimation process to achieve vibrant, everlasting graphics.

No.  Sublimation images won’t crack or wear after several uses and the visuals will last as long as needed.

The difference is the sublimation ink.  When the ink is heated, it turns from a solid to a gas that embeds itself into the polyester fabric/coating. When it cools, it goes back to a solid and becomes a permanent part of the fabric/coating. This means that your transferred design adds no additional layer on top, so there’s no difference in feeling between the printed image and the rest of the fabric/product surface. This also means that the transfer is incredibly durable, and under normal conditions, the images produced will last as long as the product itself.

Sublimation cannot be done directly onto cotton.  Sublimation will fade if applied directly onto poly cotton blends.  However, I do use a special heat transfer material that allows me to print vibrant sublimation images and apply them to cotton or poly-cotton blends.  This is the best alternative if you have a complex, colorful image you would like applied to apparel. 

Please note sublimation ink does not fuse with cotton fabric.  The images will wash out of any cotton material and will fade with washing on poly-cotton blends.  

Ceramic products are dishwasher safe.  The images will not fade, crack or peel.  Aluminum product manufacturers recommend hand washing items such as water bottles and travel mugs.

I recommend washing in cool or cold water and tumble dry on low.  This will prevent images from fading.  Warm or hot water will fade the ink. 

HTV is Heat Transfer Vinyl.  It is a vinyl that adheres to the top of fabric or a hard surface when heat and pressure is applied.

I can put sublimation images on many different products with a poly-coating. 

My standard products: ceramics (mugs, piggy banks), masks, blankets, stone slates, aluminum photo panels, aluminum bottles/tumblers/travel mugs, puzzles, bags. 

Other popular products are clothing, keychains, mouse pads, phone cases, pop sockets, coasters and jewellery.  If you have a specific item in mind, please contact me!  

I can put complex HTV designs on most light colored fabrics and surfaces.  I can put solid colored HTV designs on most fabrics and surfaces.

I can create a completely white HTV design. 

I cannot add white into a multicolored HTV design….yet 🙂

Yes.  HTV sits on top of the surface so it will fade, rack or peel over time and use.


I can put just about any digital image on a product.  There are a few requirements for the best results:

  1. Bright images work best (shadows will appear black)
  2. Crisp and clear images have stunning results
  3. Large file sizes (1MB or more) are needed for enlarged images to keep image qualit

Apps such as Photomyne can be used to create a high quality digital image of a printed or hand drawn image.

Some of the products dimensions require cropping but proofs are provided for approval before the product is made.  You have final say in the design.

Yes, I will not use images that are intolerant, inappropriate or abusive of any person(s) regardless of race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender or age. 

Payment & Shipping

I accept cash, cheque, debit, credit and e-transfer (choose cash on delivery at checkout).

E-transfers can be sent to littlehugscreations@gmail.com.  *Funds will be auto-deposited.*

We are located in Rosewood residential area.  Please contact us directly for the exact address.

YES! We have a contactless pickup bin.  We will schedule a pickup day/time with you.  Your order will be in a bag and marked with your first and last name.

YES! During COVID, we are offering free delivery services upon request.

YES! Your shipping options and costs are available once you enter your shipping address in at checkout.

We will ship within the continental United States.  Please contact for shipping rates.


It will take 1-2 days. 

*This depends on demand and stock levels.  Puzzles have been very popular and larger piece puzzles have been selling quickly.*

No.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an industrial sized printer or press for that large of a puzzle.

252PC Puzzle

Hardboard puzzles are great gifts for toddlers, young children and  Autistic children because they are large pieces, easy to feel and sturdy.

Beautiful, generic pictures on hardboard puzzles would wonderful for non-violent Dementia patients.  (I say this with knowledge.  My grandma would throw things at others because of Dementia).


YES!  We use 100% food grade silicone, which does not contain BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC, latex, and is resistant to bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Yes! Natural beechwood is a non-splintering hardwood that is chemical-free, antibacterial, and shock-resistant. Wooden teethers, rattles, and toys are hand-sanded to a smooth and silky finish.

Use a damp cloth, mild soap and then to spot clean.  Do not submerge wood products in water.

The resistance that hardwood gives your child will help strengthen their teeth and roots. 

Hardwood has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that kill contaminants rather than letting them sit on the surface.   

*A small amount of oil (olive oil, avocado oil, etc) or bee’s wax can be rubbed onto wooden beads or teethers if wood looks dried out. 

YES! We inspect our teethers prior to shipping to our customers.  For the safety of your child, teethers/teething rings should always be used under parental supervision.  Do not allow your baby or child to sleep with a teething ring.   Inspect regularly and discontinue use if signs of damage or wear are noticed.  Little Hugs Creations is not liable for problems resulting from the improper use or failure to detect damage or wear.

Use a damp cloth, mild soap and then to spot clean.  Do not submerge wood products in water.

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